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Joe Biden Applauds Unions as Nationwide Strike Action Looms, Endangering U.S. Economy

President Biden praised labor unions for their contributions to job creation, highlighting his commitment to being the most pro-union president in history. However, the U.S. economy faces the threat of strikes that could have devastating effects.

During his speech at a shipyard in Philadelphia, Biden emphasized his support for unions and the importance of union workers. He stated that they consistently deliver high-quality work on time and at a lower long-term cost.

Despite Biden’s pro-union stance, numerous strikes and potential strikes are casting a shadow on the economy. Hollywood production is on hold due to strikes from the Writers Guild and the Screen Actors Guild, demanding a larger share of streaming revenues and protection from the impact of artificial intelligence.

Additionally, around 34,000 UPS workers have threatened to strike if an agreement with the delivery company is not reached by July 31. The Teamsters, who represent the drivers, are demanding air conditioning in vehicles and better pay for weekend shifts.

The UPS strike could have significant consequences, leading to difficulties in stocking stores and delivering essential supplies like medicine. Other delivery companies, including FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service, cannot fill the gap, potentially costing the economy billions.

Teamster President Sean O’Brien has requested that Biden refrain from intervening if the workers decide to strike.

Furthermore, the United Auto Workers have initiated contract talks with auto manufacturers, and union workers believe a strike is likely. They are advocating for union protections at new battery plants for electric vehicles, with the union contract set to expire on September 14.

Biden recently met with Shawn Fain, president of the United Auto Workers union, to discuss these talks. However, both the Teamsters and the United Auto Workers have yet to endorse Biden for his 2024 reelection bid.

When asked about potential intervention in the UPS strike, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed confidence that both sides would reach an agreement. She reiterated the administration’s belief in the right to strike and fair wages for workers.

Biden has been actively promoting unionization in various sectors, engaging with workers attempting to unionize at Starbucks, minor league baseball, video game manufacturer Sega, and Blue Bird, a school bus builder.

Although the percentage of unionized workers in the U.S. has significantly decreased over the years, Biden presents his pro-union agenda as evidence of his support for the middle class. Furthermore, he has enacted laws that prioritize companies employing union workers, such as the climate, infrastructure, and semiconductor laws.

Overall, Biden aims to ensure fair and union-friendly job opportunities through his policies, including the American Rescue Act, which allocated funds for struggling union pension plans.

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