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Evangelist Reports Positive Reception to Jewish Messiah Content on Secular Cable Channels

Television ads presenting Jesus as “the Jewish Messiah” are receiving a significant response, according to the Messianic Jewish broadcaster airing the spots. Sid Roth, a self-identified “Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus,” stated that the ads have generated over 60,000 visits to a website offering a free ebook that provides “irrefutable proof” of his claim. As of July 18, more than 10,000 visitors had downloaded the book.

One of the advertisements features images of Jewish worshippers reading ancient Scriptures while Roth narrates the story of reading the 53rd Chapter of the Jewish prophet Isaiah to his Orthodox Jewish father. The ad, which is airing on Fox News Channel and Newsmax, directs viewers to a website where the ebook can be accessed.

Roth, who hosts the popular television program “It’s Supernatural,” plans to expand the reach of the ads by airing them on MSNBC and CNBC, as well as promoting them on social media. In Israel, the ads on social media resulted in over 6,000 downloads of his book.

While outreaches to Jews have been controversial due to historical persecution and theological differences, Roth believes that a revival is imminent. He predicts that the spiritual scales will come off the eyes of Jewish people, leading to a greater acceptance of the Christian message.

Representatives of Orthodox Union and Jews for Judaism did not comment on the matter.


Unique Perspective: The reception of the television ads presenting Jesus as the Jewish Messiah indicates a growing curiosity among viewers. While controversial, these ads provide an opportunity for dialogue and discussion about religious beliefs. It is important for individuals to have the freedom to explore different perspectives and make informed decisions about their faith. Ultimately, the impact of these ads will depend on the receptiveness of the audience and their willingness to engage with the material presented.

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