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White House Adviser Urges China to Engage in Nuclear Arms Negotiations

China’s rapid expansion of its nuclear arsenal and the development of strategic weapons require that Beijing begin nuclear talks with the United States, according to White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan. Speaking at a security conference, Sullivan emphasized the need for strategic stability talks on nuclear weapons between President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Sullivan pointed out China’s buildup of nuclear capabilities, including the construction of land-based long-range nuclear missiles and testing of hypersonic missiles.

Sullivan stressed that an understanding of each other’s doctrines, intentions, and modes of operation is crucial to reduce the risk and stabilize the relationship. He compared the lack of communication with China, unlike what exists with Russia, as inherently destabilizing and emphasized the need for intensive dialogue between the two countries.

While the Trump administration previously sought to include China in its nuclear arms limitation talks with Russia, China refused, citing the smaller size of its nuclear force compared to the US and Russia. Chinese officials argue that discussing their nuclear forces would undermine the deterrent value. Furthermore, China is also refusing to resume military-to-military communications with the Pentagon, which the Biden administration wants to avoid any mistakes, miscalculations, or escalation.

Sullivan defended the new diplomatic approach towards China, combining competition with direct talks to prevent the relationship from veering into conflict. He believes that a stable relationship is possible despite inherent competition, as long as both sides focus on practicalities rather than emotions and rhetoric.

In addition to China, Sullivan also discussed Russia, stating that the US is not seeking the ouster of Vladimir Putin and that the solution to Moscow’s leadership lies within Russian society and politics. Sullivan mentioned the failed mutiny of the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary force, and acknowledged the uncertainty surrounding the situation.

Overall, the US is urging China to engage in nuclear arms negotiations and to establish effective communication channels to foster stability and reduce the risk of conflict.

[Unique Perspective] It is crucial for countries with significant nuclear capabilities, like China, to engage in nuclear arms negotiations with other major powers. The expansion of China’s nuclear arsenal and the development of advanced weapons systems require open dialogue and transparency to ensure strategic stability. By participating in negotiations, China can demonstrate its willingness to cooperate, reduce the risk of misunderstandings, and contribute to global efforts towards disarmament and non-proliferation.

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