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Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel Undergoes Heart Procedure and is Sedated

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underwent an emergency procedure to receive a pacemaker. Despite undergoing medical treatment, he remains committed to moving forward with his controversial judicial overhaul plan.

Last week, Netanyahu was briefly hospitalized for dehydration and was fitted with a monitoring device. On Saturday night, the alarm on the device beeped, indicating the immediate need for a pacemaker.

Netanyahu assured the public that he feels excellent but values the advice of his doctors. As a result of the procedure, he will be placed under sedation, with Justice Minister Yariv Levin serving as his stand-in.

The announcement of Netanyahu’s hospitalization comes at a time when Israel is witnessing widespread protests against his judicial overhaul plan. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets on Saturday night to voice their opposition ahead of a parliamentary vote on Monday. Justice Minister Yariv Levin is the mastermind behind the overhaul plan.

Sheba Hospital in Israel, where Netanyahu was treated last week, is the location where he will receive the pacemaker. He expects to be released from the hospital on Sunday and plans to attend the parliamentary session.

Netanyahu expressed hope for reaching an agreement with his opponents while he undergoes treatment.

A pacemaker is used in cases where a patient’s heart is beating too slowly or to treat heart failure. By sending electrical pulses to the heart, the device maintains a normal heartbeat and allows for proper blood circulation.

Source: viralnewsscope

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