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Abbott Accuses Biden of Negligence in Deaths of Illegal Immigrants in Rio Grande

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott criticized President Biden on Monday, accusing him of negligence in securing the border and contributing to the deaths of illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande. Governor Abbott stated that the current situation at the border amounts to an invasion, and he argued that the Constitution grants him the authority to deploy the military and resources in order to stop it.

Abbott specifically pointed out that the President’s policies are attracting migrants to attempt the dangerous crossing, resulting in increased drownings in the Rio Grande. He held Biden responsible for the human crisis that migrants are experiencing under his watch.

This heated exchange between Abbott and Biden is part of an ongoing battle over the extent to which Texas can take action to deter illegal crossings. The current focus of contention is the deployment of buoys in the Rio Grande, which Texas sees as a floating border wall to discourage migrants from swimming or rafting across near Eagle Pass.

The Justice Department has threatened to sue if the barrier is not removed, citing safety risks and humanitarian concerns. However, Governor Abbott brushed aside the threat, arguing that he is acting within the constitutional powers of states to defend against an invasion.

The invasion theory, which claims that states have the right to repel invasions if the federal government fails to act, has gained attention in conservative circles. It relies on Article I, Section 10 of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits states from unilaterally waging war “unless actually invaded,” and Texas’s constitution grants the governor the power to “repel invasions.”

Abbott defended his actions, including the installation of the water wall, as justified under the invasion theory. Critics, however, have dismissed this theory as racist and a legal fiction.

Abbott and Biden have been engaged in a back-and-forth over border issues for some time. Abbott has implemented Operation Lone Star, deploying state personnel to arrest and prosecute illegal immigrants and erecting various types of border barriers, causing friction with the administration.

At times, Abbott has taken controversial measures, such as busing illegal immigrants to Democrat-run cities to highlight the consequences of the surge in illegal immigration. These actions have generated widespread media attention across the country.

The ongoing debate intensified with the deployment of the buoy barriers, which prompted accusations that state troopers were pushing migrants back into the Rio Grande and denying them water. While state authorities denied these allegations, critics view them as indicative of the governor’s inhumane approach to the border.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Justice Department argues that Texas is violating the Rivers and Harbors Act by erecting a structure in the water. Governor Abbott countered that the buoys do not fall under the act, emphasizing that the pressing issue is the urgent need for the enforcement of existing immigration laws.

As the border crisis continues, Abbott urged President Biden to fully enforce immigration laws and take responsibility for the rising number of migrant deaths. He highlighted that the U.S.-Mexico border is declared the deadliest land crossing in the world and emphasized the importance of prioritizing border security.

Unique Perspective:

As the battle over border security continues, Governor Abbott’s strong stance highlights the challenges faced by states in dealing with illegal immigration. The discussion surrounding the constitutional powers of states and the responsibility of the federal government to secure the border remains a contentious issue. While opinions on the best approach to address the influx of migrants may differ, finding common ground is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of both migrants and citizens.

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