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China Warns Japan to Refrain from Interfering with Chip Industry After New Restrictions Come Into Force

The Chinese government has urged Japan not to disrupt the semiconductor industry after implementing restrictions on the export of Japanese chip-making technology. These restrictions, which went into effect on Sunday, limit China’s access to tools necessary for the production of advanced chips used in smartphones, AI, and other applications. The United States and its allies have also imposed technology restrictions on China for security reasons.

A spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, Mao Ning, expressed dissatisfaction with the Japanese restrictions and called for measures that do not interfere with normal semiconductor industry cooperation between the two countries. The Chinese government has invested billions of dollars in building domestic chip foundries but still relies on Western and Japanese technology for the production of advanced chips. This dependence threatens to impede Beijing’s efforts to develop its tech industries.

Under the Trump administration, the United States imposed restrictions on Chinese access to chips and chip-making technology. The Biden administration has since expanded these controls to include chip design and manufacturing tools. In response, China has been slow to react, possibly to avoid disrupting its emerging tech industries.

Last month, Beijing caused concern among Japanese and Korean chip manufacturers by announcing a review process for chip exports, as well as potential restrictions on gallium and germanium, two metals used in semiconductor production.

China’s reliance on foreign technology for chip production raises questions about its long-term technological independence and the potential impact of global technology restrictions on its tech ambitions.

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