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Biden’s Involvement in Family Business Transactions Becomes Increasingly Difficult to Ignore

Mounting evidence suggests that President Biden was involved in questionable foreign business deals conducted by his family. Testimony from a former associate, Devon Archer, could make it harder for the White House to refute allegations of influence peddling and bribery.

Archer, who arranged lucrative positions on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma for himself and Hunter Biden, was summoned to testify before a House committee investigating the family’s foreign business dealings. Investigators found that Archer accepted millions in wire transfers from Burisma and sent a significant portion to Hunter Biden’s bank accounts.

Senator Charles Grassley released testimony from an FBI informant, revealing accusations that Burisma paid Hunter Biden to protect the company from any issues through his father’s influence. Furthermore, Archer’s testimony could provide insight into President Biden’s role in ending a corruption investigation into Burisma, which allowed the company to enter the US energy industry.

In a hotel meeting in 2015, Archer was present when Hunter Biden phoned his father and had him speak on speakerphone, showcasing his influence. This display of access and involvement raises questions about the extent of President Biden’s knowledge and participation in his family’s business affairs.

Devon Archer, now facing prison time on unrelated charges, will testify that he witnessed numerous instances of Hunter Biden contacting his father in the presence of business associates. This raises further concerns about the transparency and honesty of President Biden’s previous statements regarding his involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings.

The allegations of bribery and corruption continue to be investigated by House committees. Financial records indicate that the Biden family set up multiple shell companies, and the family and their associates received millions of dollars from foreign nationals. While no direct connection to President Biden has been established, these transactions raise questions about unethical conduct and potential conflicts of interest.

Democrats have dismissed the allegations, pointing to the lack of verified evidence. Nonetheless, the mounting evidence and testimonies from informants and associates suggest that there is more to the Biden family’s business dealings than meets the eye.

Perspective: The involvement of political figures and their families in questionable business transactions is a matter of concern for the public. It is crucial to uphold transparency and integrity in elected officials and their connections to prevent any potential abuse of power. Investigations into these allegations should continue, allowing for a thorough examination of the facts and the opportunity for the accused to respond. Only then can the truth be uncovered and appropriate measures taken to maintain the public’s trust in the government.

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