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McDonald’s Penalized for Breaking Child Labor Laws in Louisiana and Texas

McDonald’s franchise operators in two states have been cited by the Department of Labor (DOL) for violating child labor laws. In Louisiana, CLB Investment employed 72 minors ages 14 to 15, allowing them to work longer hours than legally allowed and operate dangerous equipment. Three workers even operated a deep fryer, which is illegal for workers under 16. The DOL found violations in 12 locations throughout Louisiana and fined the company $56,106. Similar violations were discovered in Texas with the franchise company Marwen & Son, where minors were also allowed to work longer hours and operate deep fryers and trash compactors. Marwen & Son was fined $21,466 in civil penalties for child labor violations. These findings come amidst a crackdown on child labor violations in the U.S., with McDonald’s franchise companies previously found violating child labor laws in 62 locations across four states.

In response to the violations, McDonald’s shareholders demanded an internal audit to investigate the company’s issues with child labor.


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