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Maryland Political Aide Passes Away Following Two Gunshot Wounds, One Self-Inflicted

An autopsy report has revealed that a former Maryland political aide, Roy McGrath, died after sustaining two gunshot wounds, one of which was self-inflicted, as FBI agents closed in on him in Tennessee. The incident occurred after McGrath failed to appear for his trial on federal corruption charges. The autopsy report states that it is unclear which gunshot wound ultimately caused his death due to the prolonged survival interval.

Authorities have confirmed that the FBI agents acted in self-defense during the incident and no charges will be filed against them. The Knox County District Attorney General also stated that the agent who shot McGrath was acting in self-defense, as the agents had probable cause and a reasonable belief that McGrath posed a threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury.

According to the release by the district attorney’s office, the FBI agents in Baltimore had requested the arrest of McGrath from the Knoxville agents, providing them with a copy of the warrant, information about McGrath’s location, and a description of his vehicle. Agents located McGrath’s vehicle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but McGrath continued to drive until he was cornered between two businesses.

When agents approached the vehicle and ordered McGrath to put his hands out the window, he refused and stated that he had a loaded gun. McGrath was seen raising his handgun to his right temple, leading one agent to believe that he posed a threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury. Simultaneously, McGrath fired his gun, striking his right temple, while the agent fired one round, striking McGrath’s left cheek. Despite immediate medical attention, McGrath was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Roy McGrath, who served as the chief of staff to former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, was declared a wanted fugitive after failing to appear at his trial. He was indicted on charges of fraudulently securing a severance payment and was also accused of fraud and embezzlement. McGrath had pleaded not guilty to these charges. He resigned from his position as Hogan’s chief of staff after the payments became public.

In conclusion, the tragic death of Roy McGrath brings an unfortunate end to the corruption charges he faced. The circumstances surrounding his passing highlight the dangers faced by law enforcement agents and the complexities they encounter in their line of duty.

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