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Business Executives Preparing to Testify to Congress After Being Disappointed by Biden Administration Following Federal Investigation

Devon Archer, a former associate of the Biden family business, is set to provide closed-door testimony to congressional investigators. Archer, who is facing a year-long prison sentence for securities fraud, is not happy with how Hunter Biden and President Biden handled his legal troubles. Earlier this year, messages recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed Archer’s frustration and questions about why the Biden administration did not intervene in his case.

Archer, along with six others, was charged with defrauding the Oglala Sioux Tribe of more than $60 million. Before his arrest, Archer had close ties with Hunter Biden and helped him secure millions of dollars from deals involving Ukraine, China, and Russia. Archer even met with then-Vice President Biden in the White House and served on the board of the Ukraine energy firm Burisma.

House investigators are interested in talking to Archer about payments received by the Bidens from Chinese nationals and other foreign entities. They are also looking into a claim made by a paid FBI informant that Hunter Biden and then-Vice President Biden were each paid a $5 million bribe by the CEO of Burisma. Archer’s testimony could provide crucial information about the extent of Mr. Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals.

Archer’s 2019 text messages to Hunter Biden also shed light on the suspicious business deals that benefited the Biden family. Archer expressed frustration about his legal troubles and questioned why no one from the Biden family stepped in to help him.

Archer’s testimony is significant as it could contradict President Biden’s claims of knowing nothing about his son’s business dealings. According to reports, Archer is in hiding after receiving threats, and his lawyer has stated that Archer will speak for himself before the Oversight Committee.

It will be interesting to see how Archer’s testimony unfolds and what impact it may have on the ongoing investigations into the Biden family’s business dealings.

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