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NBA Warns Teams of Discipline for Suggesting Dame Lillard Would Not Honor Contract in Trade

The NBA has informed teams that Damian Lillard, the All-Star guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, will honor his contract if he is involved in a potential trade. This comes after Lillard’s agent expressed that his client only wanted to be traded to the Miami Heat.

In a memo sent to general managers, the league also stated that any additional comments made by Lillard or his agent suggesting that he would not fulfill the requirements of his contract in the event of a trade could result in disciplinary action.

Lillard had previously informed the Trail Blazers that he wished to be traded, with his agent stating a preference for the Miami Heat.

“Dame’s position won’t change,” said Lillard’s agent Aaron Goodwin. “This entire situation was about building an opportunity for Portland to win or giving him another opportunity that he wants, which is Miami.”

The NBA interviewed Lillard, Goodwin, and several teams who had conversations with Goodwin. Goodwin denied telling teams that Lillard would refuse to play for them, and the teams’ accounts were mostly consistent with Goodwin’s statements.

It is worth noting that players are not allowed to publicly request trades, and the league has informed the Players Association that further comments like those made by Goodwin will be subject to discipline.

Overall, it seems that Damian Lillard intends to honor his contract and fulfill his responsibilities regardless of any potential trade rumors. The NBA is closely monitoring the situation and ensuring that any false information or suggestions of a lack of commitment are addressed appropriately.

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