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Johnny Manziel Opens Up About His Suicide Attempt After Winning Heisman Trophy and Joining the Browns

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has revealed in an upcoming documentary that he attempted suicide after being cut by the team in 2016. In the Netflix documentary “Untold: Johnny Football,” Manziel opens up about his struggle with a drug addiction and how it contributed to his downfall.

During this difficult time, Manziel lost 40 pounds and was dealing with legal issues related to alleged domestic violence. He admitted that he had hit rock bottom and had planned to take his life. However, the gun malfunctioned, and he survived.

Manziel, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2012, was drafted by the Browns in 2014 after a successful college career at Texas A&M. Despite his talent, he was released by the Browns in 2016 after playing 14 games in two seasons. He attempted several comebacks but never returned to the NFL.

My perspective: Johnny Manziel’s story is a reminder of the challenges that professional athletes face both on and off the field. It highlights the impact of addiction and mental health struggles, which can affect anyone, regardless of their success or fame. Manziel’s openness about his suicide attempt sheds light on the importance of seeking help and support during difficult times. It also serves as a lesson that even in our darkest moments, there can be unexpected moments of hope and second chances.

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