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Families Come Together at Libraries for Prayer, Patriotic Singing, and a Storytime with Kirk Cameron

Nearly twenty children gathered Saturday at their local library for a story time event sponsored by Brave Books and its Christian author Kirk Cameron. The event, called “See You at the Library,” was organized by a mother of two who volunteered to host the gathering.

The families at the Lake Regional Library in Fort Myers, Florida began the story hour with a prayer, expressing their gratitude for the freedom of speech and asking for protection for the children. They concluded the event by singing “God Bless America.”

During story time, the children read Kirk Cameron’s book “Pride Comes Before the Fall” and discussed the importance of humility and helping others. Jessica Wielgot, a mother of two who attended the event, emphasized the significance of teaching children values from their families.

Mr. Cameron held a video meeting with the volunteers before the story hour, marking Aug. 5 as “a day of singing, praying, and reading” at over 300 libraries across the United States. The events aimed to support free speech and counter cancel culture.

Some of Kirk Cameron’s book events involve prayer, the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, and singing “God Bless America.” However, there have been instances where public libraries have refused to host his events, leading to a dispute regarding the First Amendment.

In one such case, Mr. Cameron’s lawyers had to inform a public library in Alabama that canceling his children’s event violated the First Amendment. The library cited security concerns as the reason for cancelation, but the issue was eventually resolved and the event took place with limited attendees due to spacing concerns.

Chris Neubert, a father from Fort Myers who attended the story hour, expressed his support for Brave Books, stating that the company’s message to children is that it’s okay to be themselves.

Mr. Neubert also believes that the conflict between Kirk Cameron and certain libraries indicates the loss of control by the “radical left” over schools and education. He believes that families are waking up to this and the left is feeling threatened.

Unique Perspective:

This story highlights the importance of family values and the role of libraries in bringing communities together. It also raises questions about freedom of speech in public spaces and the ongoing battle against cancel culture. The involvement of Kirk Cameron and his Christian-themed books adds a layer of faith to the event, making it a unique experience for the children and their families.

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