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Billy Walters’ Book Reveals Phil Mickelson’s Billion-Dollar Betting Habits

According to a book by well-known gambler Billy Walters, golfer Phil Mickelson has allegedly wagered over $1 billion in the last 30 years. The book, titled “Gambler: Secrets from a Life of Risk,” provides detailed betting estimates from Walters’ own records and sources. Mickelson’s management group has not yet responded to the claims.

Walters, who claims to have had a winning streak for over 30 years, ended his betting partnership with Mickelson in 2014. Mickelson was later involved in Walters’ insider trading case, but was never charged. Walters believes that if Mickelson had been truthful, he could have avoided prison.

Walters also revealed that Mickelson had offshore accounts and had betting limits of $400,000 for college games and NFL games. Based on their relationship and additional records, Walters estimates that Mickelson’s gambling losses were closer to $100 million, rather than the previously reported $40 million. In total, Mickelson is said to have wagered over $1 billion in the past three decades.

The book also recounts an incident during the 2012 Ryder Cup, where Mickelson allegedly asked Walters to place a $400,000 bet on the U.S. winning. Walters refused and expressed disbelief at Mickelson’s willingness to risk his reputation and likened it to Pete Rose’s ban from baseball for betting on his own team.

While these claims are shocking, it’s important to note that they come from Walters’ perspective and have not been independently verified. It remains to be seen how Mickelson and his team will respond to these allegations.

Unique perspective: It is not uncommon for professional athletes and celebrities to engage in high-stakes gambling. However, the extent of Phil Mickelson’s alleged betting habits is particularly noteworthy. If these claims are true, they highlight the hidden world of sports betting and the significant amounts of money involved. The book by Billy Walters adds another layer of complexity to Mickelson’s already controversial career, raising questions about the impact of his gambling habits on his performance and personal life.

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