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Baltimore Orioles broadcaster Kevin Brown has addressed the rumors surrounding his departure from the airwaves in late July. Brown took to social media to clarify the situation, stating that he has a positive relationship with the Orioles organization and that they have fully supported him since he joined the team in 2019. The Orioles have also confirmed that Brown will be back on the air soon. Brown urged fans to disregard the recent distractions and assured them that he and owner John Angelos have a solid and respectful dialogue. The Orioles are set to play against Seattle on Friday night.

The controversy surrounding Brown arose from comments he made on a MASN-TV broadcast on July 23. He pointed out that the Orioles had already won three out of their five games at Tampa Bay this year, which was an improvement compared to their performance in previous years. However, some reports and media outlets mischaracterized Brown’s relationship with the Orioles, leading to speculation and confusion.

While the details of what transpired behind the scenes remain undisclosed, Brown’s statement emphasizes that he is committed to his role as a broadcaster and storyteller, and wants to focus on the success and excitement of the Baltimore Orioles, who are currently the league leaders in the American League and seen as one of the most promising young teams.

Announcers such as Michael Kay of the YES Network have come to Brown’s defense, further highlighting the support he has from his colleagues in the industry.

As the situation gets resolved, Orioles fans can look forward to hearing Brown back on the airwaves and continue enjoying his storytelling about their beloved team.

Perspective: Kevin Brown’s response to the rumors showcases his professionalism and dedication to his role as a broadcaster. By clarifying his positive relationship with the Orioles organization, Brown aims to reassure fans and shift the focus back to the success of the team. The support he has received from fellow announcers suggests that he is highly respected in the industry. As Brown prepares to return to the air, fans can anticipate his continued storytelling and enthusiasm for the Baltimore Orioles.

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