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Auction Alert: Vintage Twitter Memorabilia Up for Bids!

The social media platform X is auctioning off old Twitter memorabilia, office furniture, and breakroom appliances through the Heritage Global Partners auction house.

The 637-lot auction starts at 7 a.m. Pacific time on Sept. 12 and ends at 9 a.m. Sept. 14. The starting price for each item in the auction is $25, with a buyer’s premium of 19% and a sales tax of 8.63%. The live auction is in San Francisco, although bidding will also be available online.

This is the second Twitter-related auction this year. The previous one, in January, had a highest bid of $100,000 for a 3-foot-tall statue of the blue Twitter bird, according to Ars Technica.

Items offered by Elon Musk-owned X run the gamut: neon signs of the Twitter bird logo and the @ and # symbols, guitars, drums, keyboards and amps, sofas, tables and chairs, fridges, coffee grinders, espresso machines, and a beer dispenser.

Even the Twitter bird logo sign mounted on the platform’s San Francisco headquarters can be bought, although the purchaser will need to pay a San Francisco-licensed company and acquire a permit to remove it.

Electronics are also on offer, including a bevy of used and unopened 55-inch Google digital whiteboards, videoconferencing systems, TVs, printers, and Apple computer monitors.

Even the artwork displayed in the Twitter offices is up for auction. Notable pieces include a mosaic of celebrity tweets about the late Robin Williams that form his likeness.

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to own a piece of social media history, especially those related to Twitter. The upcoming auction by X is offering a unique chance for enthusiasts and collectors to bid on vintage Twitter memorabilia, ranging from neon signs to office furniture and electronics. From the iconic Twitter bird logo signs to used and unopened 55-inch Google digital whiteboards, this auction has something for everyone.

What makes this auction even more exciting is the inclusion of artwork displayed in the Twitter offices, including a mosaic of celebrity tweets about the late Robin Williams. It’s a chance to own a piece of cultural history, showcasing the impact and influence of Twitter in popular culture.

Whether you’re a die-hard Twitter fan or simply looking for a quirky and unique addition to your collection, this auction is sure to captivate. So mark your calendars and get ready to bid on some vintage Twitter treasures!

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