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Creative Wraps for Back-to-School Lunches

The sandwich is a staple in most kids’ lunches – two slices of bread with various fillings in between. But wraps have also gained popularity as an alternative to traditional sandwiches. The novelty of a rolled-up sandwich can make it more enticing for kids to try something new.

Wraps can be served whole, sliced in half, or cut into smaller pieces for snacks. You can use plain flour tortillas or opt for specialty wraps like spinach, sundried tomato basil, or garlic herb. By changing up the wrap flavors, you can create different and attractive sandwiches every day of the week.

One of the great things about wraps is that they allow for creativity. Lay a wrap on the table, open the fridge, and let your kids come up with their own combinations.


1) Start by choosing a spread or condiment to go with your main filling. You can use mayo, mustard, chutneys, relishes, hummus, barbecue sauce, or even leftover dips from the fridge.

2) Get creative with fillings like sliced meats, cheeses, smoked salmon, beans, or tuna fish. Leftovers from previous meals can also be used as fillings.

3) Don’t forget about the extras! Add shredded lettuce or cabbage, chopped tomatoes, sliced olives and pickles, jalapeños, fresh herbs, onions or bell peppers, roasted peppers, avocado, sprouts, cucumbers, or mushrooms.

You can also get creative by adding thinly sliced or chopped fruits like apples, pears, or dried fruits. For some crunch, consider adding shelled sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts, or granola. Just make sure to be aware of any allergies in your child’s school.

Remember to season your wrap with salt, pepper, or other seasonings, if desired.


Make sure not to overfill your wrap so that it can still be closed properly. Layer all your ingredients on about ¾ of the wrap, leaving about ¼ empty, and leave some space around the edges to allow for ingredients to squish in when you roll it up.

To roll up the wrap, start with the side closest to you and roll towards the empty edge. The filling will slide into the empty space, and the condiment at the edge will help seal the wrap as you finish rolling.

GET ROLLING: Maple turkey and bacon wrap


2 10-inch wraps or tortillas
4 to 6 thin slices honey maple turkey
2 slices cooked bacon
4 slices avocado (optional)
2 slices Swiss or Cheddar cheese
2 large leaves romaine lettuce, ripped into pieces
Honey mustard


Place the tortillas on the counter. Layer half the turkey over each tortilla, leaving about ¼ of the tortilla on the side farthest away from you empty. Place the bacon and avocado slices (if using) across the turkey, parallel to the empty quarter of the tortilla, and place the slice of cheese on top. Cover the cheese with the lettuce. Drizzle a bit of honey mustard, and put a smear of it on the empty section of the tortilla, right at the edge. Starting with the edge of the tortilla closest to you, roll up the wrap, using the honey mustard to seal it. Cut in half or as desired.

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