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The ‘Blind Side’ Family Expresses Hurt Over Michael Oher’s Legal Action, Calling it a Shakedown Attempt

Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, the family who inspired the movie “The Blind Side,” have responded to Michael Oher’s recent legal action by calling it a “shakedown” attempt. Oher, the former NFL player whose relationship with the Tuohy family was portrayed in the film, has accused the Tuohys of enriching themselves at his expense.

Oher filed a petition in court asking for the termination of a conservatorship that was established by the Tuohys in 2004. He claims that the conservatorship, which was meant to make him a member of the Tuohy family, provided him with no familial relationship and that he received no financial compensation despite his life story being the basis for a successful movie.

The Tuohys, through their attorney, have denied Oher’s claims and stated that they treated him like a son. They also accuse Oher of trying to extort $15 million from them by threatening to plant a negative story about them in the press.

The Tuohys maintain that they did not seek to profit off Oher’s story and that any financial gain from the movie was a small percentage of net profits, which they made good on. They also state that they will not oppose Oher’s wish to end the conservatorship.

Oher’s legal action has sparked controversy and caused a rift between him and the Tuohys. Only time will tell how this situation will be resolved.

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