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San Francisco Reevaluates Autonomous Taxis After Robotaxi Collides with Firetruck at Red Light

A self-driving robotaxi operated by Cruise ran a red light and collided with an on-duty fire truck in San Francisco. The incident occurred on Thursday night, causing the sole passenger in the driverless cab to bump her head. The passenger was treated on the scene and later taken to a hospital for non-severe injuries.

Cruise, the taxi company, expressed their concern for the passenger’s welfare and stated that they are investigating the incident to understand the performance of their autonomous vehicle (AV). They also mentioned that they will be in touch with the City of San Francisco regarding the event.

This accident happened just a week after the California Public Utilities Commission approved Waymo and Cruise to operate 24-hour driverless taxis in the city. The approval has faced criticism, especially after incidents involving robotaxis in San Francisco, such as one taxi driving into wet concrete earlier this week.

Residents have expressed concerns about the technology, highlighting that autonomous vehicles lack the ability to make judgments like humans do. San Francisco has experienced almost 600 incidents involving autonomous vehicles since June 2022, according to city transit officials. As a result, city officials have requested a pause on robotaxi legalization while seeking a rehearing of the decision.

The city’s fire officials also raised concerns, stating that the technology’s expansion has not addressed the underlying problems and has interfered with the operations of first responders. They believe that these incidents with public safety will continue to occur.

Despite the concerns raised, Cruise maintains that their technology is safe. They have criticized the city’s decision to restrict the technology, arguing that it has an excellent safety record and is used by tens of thousands of San Francisco residents.

Waymo, another robotaxi company in the city, said they are following the developments closely and will continue to work with the city while providing safe and accessible mobility to San Franciscans.


The incident in San Francisco highlights the ongoing challenges and concerns surrounding autonomous vehicles. While the development of self-driving technology holds great potential, it is clear that there are still significant limitations and risks that need to be addressed. The collision with the fire truck raises questions about the ability of autonomous vehicles to navigate complex and unpredictable scenarios on the road. It also emphasizes the importance of thorough testing and evaluation before widespread deployment of this technology. As cities like San Francisco reevaluate the use of autonomous taxis, it is crucial to prioritize safety and consider the impact on public welfare.

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