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The 49ers’ Gamble on Trey Lance Fails, But the Team Remains Intact

The San Francisco 49ers made a significant investment when they traded three first-round picks to draft Trey Lance. However, they quickly cut ties with the highly drafted quarterback, trading him away before the start of his third season.

Coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged that the gamble on Lance didn’t work out, but he didn’t view it as a failure. Despite the miss, the 49ers have managed to remain competitive and make it to the NFC title game in the past two seasons.

The trade for Lance came at a cost, as the 49ers gave up multiple draft picks. While having those picks could have bolstered key positions on the roster, the team managed to overcome the setback and still find success on the field.

Looking ahead, the Niners are in a good position to contend for the Super Bowl with their starting quarterback, Brock Purdy, who was chosen with the final pick of the 2022 draft. The team’s ability to bounce back from the Lance experiment shows their resilience and determination to compete at a high level.

General Manager John Lynch admitted that investing so much into a player usually makes it difficult to recover, but he commended the team for continuing to improve and build a better roster. The blunder with Lance didn’t hold them back from their goals.

Although the decision to draft Lance didn’t pan out, there is still belief that he has the potential to become a great player in the future. Another team might be the one to unlock his full potential, but the 49ers move forward with their sights set on winning the Super Bowl.

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