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Questions of Corruption Intensify as Biden’s Alias Names Surface Alongside Bank Records and Witness Testimonies

President Biden used multiple email aliases while he was vice president in the Obama administration. The use of these aliases has raised concerns and increased scrutiny of his involvement in his son’s foreign business deals.

According to White House records, one of the aliases used by Mr. Biden was “Robert L. Peters.” House investigators have also discovered that Mr. Biden used the pseudonyms “Robin Ware” and “JRB Ware.” It is unclear why Mr. Biden used these aliases, but it has aroused suspicion about his role in securing foreign business deals for his family.

An email sent to Mr. Biden under the alias Robert L. Peters, which was copied to his son Hunter Biden, raised further questions. The email mentioned a call with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holding, where Hunter Biden served on the board.

Using email aliases is not uncommon among top government officials. President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also used aliases during their time in office. However, House investigators are concerned that Mr. Biden may have used these aliases to hide his involvement in his son’s business deals.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is currently examining National Archives records in order to gather more information about Mr. Biden’s email aliases. Bank records obtained by the committee reveal that nine Biden family members, including President Biden’s granddaughter, received money from these foreign business deals, totaling over $20 million.

Moreover, new testimony from Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate, Devon Archer, indicates that then-Vice President Biden played a significant role in leveraging these deals. Mr. Biden served as the “brand” that his son and business partners used to attract foreign partners from China, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries.

Despite his involvement, Mr. Biden allegedly did not discuss business matters during these engagements. Instead, he focused on unrelated topics such as the weather.

Additional evidence emerged during testimony from IRS whistleblowers investigating Hunter Biden’s tax crimes. According to one whistleblower, Mr. Biden attended a dinner with Hunter Biden and business associates from a Chinese energy company, even though he was no longer vice president.

It has been suggested that Hunter Biden and his associates received millions from the Chinese energy company, and Hunter Biden even received an $80,000 diamond from its chairman.

Testimony from Archer also revealed that Hunter Biden and Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky contacted then-Vice President Biden for assistance in dealing with a corruption probe against Burisma. At the time, both Hunter Biden and Archer had million-dollar salaries as board members of the company.

These findings raise questions about Mr. Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings and the potential conflicts of interest that may have arisen while he was vice president.

My unique perspective on this situation is that the use of email aliases by government officials is concerning, especially when it is associated with foreign business deals. Transparency and accountability are essential in public office, and using aliases can create confusion and enable individuals to conceal their actions. The investigations into President Biden’s aliases and their connection to his son’s business deals should be pursued diligently to ensure the integrity of the office and address any potential issues of corruption.

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