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Texas Moves Forward with Ban on Gender-Transition Drugs for Minors Despite Court Ruling

A Texas law prohibiting gender-transition drugs and surgeries for children is set to go into effect next week, despite a temporary injunction issued by a state judge. Travis County Judge Maria Cantú Hexsel granted the injunction in response to a request from families of transgender youth, stating that Senate Bill 14 interferes with private decisions of Texas families. However, the Office of the Attorney General has filed an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court, effectively pausing the injunction. The law is now scheduled to take effect on September 1.

The Office of the Attorney General stated, “The OAG will continue to enforce the laws duly enacted by the Texas Legislature and uphold the values of the people of Texas by doing everything in its power to protect children from damaging ‘gender transition’ interventions.”

The law, signed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on June 2, makes Texas one of 22 states that have banned or restricted gender-transition procedures for minors. The law is facing a legal challenge by five families with minor children who identify as the opposite sex, three medical providers, and two LGBTQ organizations.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas tweeted in support of the temporary injunction, claiming that all Texans, including trans youth, have the right to receive life-saving medical care. On the other side, Jonathan Covey, Texas Values director of policy, applauded the Texas attorney general’s office for fighting the ruling.

The attorney general’s office stated that the law prevents hospitals from providing experimental hormones or conducting mutilative ‘gender transition’ surgical procedures on minors. The office also emphasized that these medical interventions lack evidence of medical benefit and may have harmful effects on children’s mental and physical well-being.

One of the teen plaintiffs, referred to as Nathan Noe, expressed that taking testosterone has greatly improved their life and that they do not want to leave Texas because their government has chosen to attack people like them.

Since the ban on gender-transition drugs and surgeries for minors in Texas is set to take effect next week, it provides an opportunity to discuss the ongoing debate surrounding this issue. Supporters of the ban argue that it protects children from potentially harmful medical interventions that lack sufficient evidence of benefit. On the other hand, opponents believe that the ban infringes on the rights of transgender youth and denies them access to necessary medical care. It is essential to have an open and respectful dialogue to find an inclusive solution that prioritizes the well-being of minors while considering the complexities of gender identity.

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