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The Aroma of Cannabis Lingers Over the Infamous U.S. Open Court, Just Like Snoop Dogg’s Living Room.

There’s a distinctive smell in the air at the U.S. Open, and it’s not just the smell of competition. The pungent scent of marijuana has become notorious at Court 17, where players have complained about the overwhelming odor. The exact source of the smell remains a mystery, but it seems to be a recurring presence at this particular court. Players have compared the smell to being in Snoop Dogg’s living room and have even suggested that it may be coming from the adjacent Corona Park. The United States Tennis Association has conducted its own investigation but found no evidence of anyone smoking pot in the stands. It appears that the smell is simply an unavoidable part of being in an open space.

While some may dismiss the complaints of players as being overly sensitive, it’s worth noting that the smell of marijuana can be distracting, especially during a high-stakes competition. However, some fans and security staff seem to take a more relaxed approach, accepting the prevalence of cannabis odor as part of the New York atmosphere. In fact, one security staffer even jokingly suggested that the players try it themselves, as it might help them relax.

Overall, the presence of the marijuana smell at the U.S. Open highlights the changing attitudes and laws surrounding cannabis. With its legalization in New York for personal use, the smell of weed is no longer confined to the streets but has made its way into sports arenas as well. It serves as a reminder that the societal acceptance of cannabis continues to grow, even in places where you might not expect it.

Unique Perspective: The U.S. Open is known for its intense matches and passionate fans, but now it seems to have added a unique aroma to its allure. The smell of marijuana at Court 17 has become part of the tournament’s tale, making it an experience unlike any other in the tennis world. The acceptance and normalization of cannabis are colliding with the world of sports, creating an interesting contrast between tradition and modernity. As attitudes towards marijuana continue to evolve, events like the U.S. Open will need to navigate this new olfactory landscape.

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