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Delta Air Lines Assures Protection of Aircraft from 5G Wireless Signals

Delta Air Lines has announced that it has completed the upgrade of its entire fleet to protect its key equipment from potential interference caused by 5G wireless signals. This upgrade ensures that flights will not be disrupted during periods of low visibility.

The airline has now equipped all its active aircraft with radio altimeters that are safeguarded against interference. This significant development guarantees that no Delta aircraft will face additional constraints due to weather conditions.

Previously, in late June, approximately 190 out of Delta’s 900 planes lacked the upgraded altimeters. During this time, the airline considered rerouting these aircraft to avoid low-visibility situations until the new parts were supplied. However, Delta reported that it successfully managed the summer travel season without any notable issues regarding altimeters.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had urged airlines to retrofit planes before the summer travel season, and most airlines complied. Delta, however, missed the July 1 deadline to upgrade all its altimeters as AT&T, Verizon, and other wireless carriers boosted the power of their C-Band, 5G signals. Despite concerns, there were no disruptions to flights.

While some aviation experts and the Federal Aviation Administration believe that C-Band signals could interfere with radio altimeters, the Federal Communications Commission, which granted 5G licenses to wireless companies, has stated that there is no risk of interference.

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